Patients’ Choice Award Winner for 2012

Among the select few physicians honored with the prestigious Patients’ Choice Award this year is Dr. Alexander Pazoki. In fact, of the nation’s 870,000 active physicians and dentists, just five percent consistently received top scores from their patients on sites like Vitals (, qualifying them for this honor in 2012. Millions of patients go online…

How to Know When It’s a Dental Emergency

WHAM!                CRACK!                                 CRUNCH! No, unfortunately you’re not reading a comic book. But if you combine your teeth with any of the onomatopoeia (noun: the formation of a word from a sound associated with what…



40 Under 40


Запознайте се с новия ни български зъболекар д-р Ботев

С удоволствие ви представяме един нов български стоматолог в нашия екип: Д-р Светозар Ботев. Светозар (или Свет за много приятели и пациенти) се присъединява към нас след десет години работа в практики в Западен Лондон. Част от тях са Стокуел Дентал Практис и Кенсингтън Хаус Дентал Практис. При нас Свет ще работи във всички насоки…

Donato Dental adds Laser Microdentistry to Practice

Donato Dental adds Laser Microdentistry to practice, Our new Erbium Laser can perform both soft and hard tissue procedures. In most cases, we are now able to treat early stage cavities conservatively and painlessly with no novacaine! We are very pleased to offer this exciting technology to our patients. Dr. Napoletano is certified in the…

How Bacteria Helps and Hurts Your Mouth

Have you ever been shopping int he grocery store, and then you get to the yogurt aisle and suddenly begin seeing product advertising things like “pro-biotics”and  lactobacillus. What you might not realize is that bacteria can be good for you just as much as it can be bad for you. For example, the lactubacillus type of probiotic contains over 80 species…

Changing lives

through dentistry

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body caused by birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma or injury, infection, tumors or disease. It is generally performed to improve function but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery commonly corrects surface wounds and is also regularly used to treat cancerous and…

Payment Plans & Financing

Orthodontist and Braces in Orange County’s primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive orthodontic care available today. We are also dedicated to making top-quality care as cost-effective as possible which is why we take pride in offering some of the Nation’s most commonly used and popular  financing companies while being able to…

Introducing Your Mobile In Home Dentist

We all know that maintaining proper dental health and hygiene is important, but as we age, it becomes more difficult to keep up with proper care due to mobility issues, illness, cognitive disability, and more. Eventually, it becomes near impossible to make it to an office for regular appointments. So how do you maintain proper…

What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Dental emergencies can happen to any patient. To avoid further complication, patients should contact an experienced dentist as soon as possible. At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA, we offer emergency dental service to patients in need. Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel are highly trained, trusted dentists who are dedicated to helping…

7 Common Questions And Myths About Orthodontic Treatments

When people are interested in getting Braces or Invisalign, they often have multiple questions to ask their Orthodontist. While asking questions is great, Orthodontists often get asked the same common questions. We are here to tell you about the 7 common myths about orthodontic treatments.1. Can Anyone Provide Braces And Aligners, Not Just An Orthodontist? …

Children dentistry


Let Your Teeth Sparkle Bright With Madison Square Dentistry

Let Your Teeth Sparkle Bright With Madison Square Dentistry Isn’t it pleasing to see a beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth? It only shows how happy and confident a person is. This is why it is important to maintain your teeth and keep it healthy. With those pearly whites out of shape, it is not…

Center for Endodontics Launches New Website

The Center for Endodontics, a leading root canal specialty dental clinic in Tacoma, WA, has launched a new and improved website. The new site is designed to reflect the exceptional care, clinical expertise and technology that Dr. Jason West, Dr. … Read More The post Center for Endodontics Launches New Website appeared first on Center…

The Benefits of a Healthy Smile!

When you smile, you are reflecting how warm you feel inside. Smiling comes across to others a welcoming feeling that makes them want to smile too! While there are many reasons to smile, many people may unfortunately be concerned about the condition of their own dental health including their teeth. If you have spacing between…



Nutrition Tips For Healthy Teeth

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What to Expect from a Dead Tooth

If you have experienced a serious injury that killed one of your teeth, you may just be a few short weeks or months away from seeing the full effects of that injury. As much as you may hate to think about having dental work done, the fact of the matter is that if you have…

Fourth Year PRDC provides free dental care for income-qualified US veterans.

[embedyt][/embedyt]   If you know any Virginia veterans who need dental care? Please spread the word that for income-qualified US veterans living in Virginia, Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic is providing free dental care on Saturday, November 11th (Veterans Day).  The care is totally free for veterans who qualify; income threshold is 200% of the…

Uniquely productize next-generation opportunities

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