Sugary Drinks


We were recently at the I Am Beacon Back to School Block Party.  This is great event held in Beacon, the volunteer organization, I Am Beacon, provides backpacks filled with back to school supplies and a dental kit to area students.   In addition to providing dental kits for the backpacks, we were able to have a booth at this event.  To receive a backpack, the students had to visit six of the booths.  We thought it was great opportunity to educate students on the amount of sugar in their drinks.  Sugar amounts in each drink were represented by a pyramid of sugar cubes.  Some pyramids, especially soda were very big.  In addition to soda, juice, lemonade, iced tea and chocolate milk were displayed.  Most students and their parents were surprised by the amounts of sugar.  Most people are aware about sugar in their drinks but to see a visual makes it very clear. 

Consider checking the label next time you grab a drink to view the amount of sugar it contains.  Perhaps there is another drink you can choose that would have a smaller amount of sugar. Consider how many hours will pass between finishing that sugary drink and when you will be able to brush your teeth.  The longer the sugar sits on your teeth and gums the more damage it will cause.  Water is always the best choice!

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