What Does It Mean For A Tooth To Be Impacted?


The first year of our life is generally spent growing, exploring, and
going through an intensely uncomfortable experience known as
teething. This experience starts us on the road to getting the 32
teeth that will last us throughout our lifetime, though the last
won’t come in until we’re in our 20’s. It’s during this
period of our life that we begin to see the arrival of wisdom teeth,
a third set of molars that develop in 50% of patients. For most of
these patients this is a painful time, and these new teeth have to be
removed before the do irrevocable damage to a mouth that doesn’t
have room for them from impaction.

Will I Experience If I’m Getting An Impaction?

that you’re dealing with an impaction without your dentist’s
assistance is a painful experience involving the realization that one
of your teeth is damaged, your jaw is continuously sore, a tooth has
partially erupted through your gums at the back of your mouth, or
that your teeth are out of alignment. Regular visits to your dentist
for a check-up will help you notice these changes early and be able
to avoid the worst of the complications and painful experiences
associated with impaction.

Can Happen With Untreated Impactions?

you go for any length of time not being seen for your impaction the
end result is going to be painful, and potentially cause long-term
damage to the structures of your mouth. Orthodontic repair can
resolve some or all of the issues, but that is both costly and
unpleasant in and of itself. Over time you may develop cysts,
tumors, infections, chipped or cracked teeth, misalignment of your
teeth, and even problems with your temporomandibular joint. Removing
the tooth that is causing the impaction is the only way to resolve
your pain.

Varieties Of Tooth Impaction

are a number of ways in which an impaction can form, and there are
six different terms that have been developed to describe these states
based on certain criteria. The first set of terms describes the
direction which the tooth is coming in, towards the front or back of
the mouth, parallel to the jaw line, and coming in normally (but
without sufficient room). These terms are medial, distal,
horizontal, and vertical. The other two terms describe other
elements of the impaction, which are soft tissue and bony impactions.
These indicate that the tooth is breaking through the gums or into
other soft tissue, or is encased in bone.

you’re living with the pain and discomfort of impaction its time to
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