The Root Cause of Crooked Teeth


Have you ever wondered what the root cause was behind crooked teeth? The most common causes of crooked teeth stem specifically from genetics, bad habits, illness or injury or timing. Because a third of these root problems you are born with, there isn’t much besides orthodontic treatment that can fix crooked teeth.Because genetics are a trait that you are born with, there is as much control with your teeth as there are with the color of your hair or eyes. The dental traits you obtain from your parents can lead to overcrowding of teeth and jaw misalignment. With smaller mouths, there is a greater chance of overcrowding that can cause other teeth to shift and become crooked or uproot in the wrong areas.

Misaligned jaws can also lead to major issues with underbites and overbites or abnormal protrusion that can result in teeth extending beyond each other overlapping. Facial traumas such as a jaw or mouth injury can have an affect on moving teeth out of place. Facial traumas are actually the most sever cause of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Other causes of misaligned bites and crooked teeth include; early loss of baby/adult teeth, improper dental restoration, gingivitis, pressure on teeth/gums, misalignment of the jaw after an injury or oral habits as a child such as thumb sucking/using a pacifier beyond the age of 3.

An individual’s permanent teeth are directly affected by the health of the baby teeth, which sit directly on top of the permanent teeth beneath the gums. If a baby tooth is lost due to decay, trauma or other factors, the permanent teeth will start shifting when moving upwards often uprooting in the wrong area causing much needed Orthodontic treatment later in life. Baby teeth can be seen as small anchors for adult teeth and if a baby tooth is lost prematurely it can directly affect the permanent teeth below.

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