Pediatric Dentist Pine Bush


A lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles begins with your child’s first visit at Pine Bush Dental Group. Our pediatric dentist Pine Bush and friendly, caring team of professionals strive to make dental visits positive and engaging for your little one. We provide comprehensive pediatric dental care, tailored to meet your child’s needs at every stage of growth and development.

Pediatric Dentist Pine Bush

Studies show that each year children across the United States lose a total of 51 school hours due to dental disease. With periodic dental checkups, we can help your child spend less time in the dentist’s chair and more time learning and having fun. We recommend bringing your child in for a checkup as soon as her or his first tooth erupts, usually by the age of one. Our pediatric dentist Pine Bush will examine your child’s teeth for the earliest signs of tooth decay and other oral health problems.  Checkups are also an opportunity for us to guide you on practices you can implement at home to better clean and care for your child’s teeth. As your child gets older, we strive to impart the responsibilities of oral hygiene onto her or him. We equip your child with a whole host of tools to prevent against cavities, including dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are protective coatings applied to the biting surfaces of the permanent molars to prevent plaque and food debris from gathering in the crevices. Fluoride treatments involve the application of the mineral to the surfaces of teeth, to strengthen the developing enamel. We also provide a thorough, professional cleaning to thoroughly remove plaque buildup.

At Pine Bush Dental Group, we make every visit a learning experience for you and your family. Our pediatric dentist in Pine Bush provides your child with personalized attention and compassionate care at every visit. To learn more about pediatric care or to schedule your child’s checkup, call today.

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