Local Hero Wins a Smile Makeover Just in Time for His Wedding


Tom Shaw, Renew Smile Giveaway Winner, at work as a Vet Tech.

Renew Anchored Dentures & 9News help a local veteran in need of a new smile!

Centennial based Renew Anchored Dentures is partnering with 9News (TEGNA) to do something special for a US Veteran suffering with his teeth. 9News came to Renew to offer a spot on a prime-time giveaway edition of Colorado and Company to give one deserving local resident a beautiful new implant anchored smile.

Renew is excited to announce that military Veteran Tom Shaw is the winner. Holly Nielsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Renew says, “Tom’s story was inspiring. Everyone is the office who read Tom’s nomination letter wanted to help.” Renew was impressed by Tom’s ability to excel despite major hardships.

Tom was nominated by the family who adopted his son. Here is an excerpt from that emotional nomination:

“Tom suffered from PTSD and also had a traumatic brain injury from injuries received while on active military duty in Iraq. Tom soon realized that he was unable to raise his son due to his injuries and disability from his active military duty. With his parent’s guidance, Tom decided to put his son up for adoption. We were grateful to adopt Tom’s son. We had been trying for years to have a child. Fast forward 11 years and we still have a very close relationship with Tom and grandparents. We spend holidays with them. I’m not really sure what happened to Tom’s teeth, but they are really bad. Tom has had a very rough go of it, but he has pulled himself up and is doing so well now. He’s getting married in September. It would make us SO happy if Tom was chosen for this amazing opportunity! “

9News will be following Tom Shaw’s treatment at Renew including his upcoming wedding. They will be airing those segments on upcoming episodes of Colorado and Company.

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